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Voting makes a difference. In order to make Westminster the best possible community, we need to have the best possible representation at the municipal level. On October 27th make sure your voice is heard!

A message from your Ward 14 City Council Candidates…

Steve Hillier…

I am a lifelong Londoner and a 20 year resident of beautiful Ward 14.  I’m your neighbour, a husband and father of 2 sons, one 4th year Western and one 2nd year Fanshawe.  I am a Manufacturing Engineer by trade, I’ve worked at McCormicks, VariForm and many other factories, I am also the owner and creator of Canada Comfort Foods 7 years ago.  I speak the language of the types of employers we need to attract.  Proud to be 1 of 7 founding vendors of The Western Fair Farmers and Artisans Market at The Western Fair Grounds. Together we’ve created a focal point for improvement in the old east village that is creating real change in the area.  These last 7 years have allowed me to speak directly to real Londoners about concerns that don’t always show up on a survey.

This election ask yourself, does the candidate represent the people of the Ward they are trying to get elected in.   I’m one of you, and we need people that look at this as a calling, not a career, real people that have shared in life’s problems and created practical solutions.  I have not gone to school for a life in politics, I am running because right now I have the skills London needs and now is the time to step up.  My children are grown and this allows me to focus on building a better Ward 14. If you know me you will understand that I have a unique perspective on life and it has taught me life is short, it can change in a flash and as Londoners we can’t afford to put things off.  We need Councillors that are able to think on their feet and work on citizens’ real concerns, not their own. Please ask around, I like to help, it makes me feel good.

London, Employment is our biggest obstacle, it’s the reason people stay or leave here. Once, we were the Manufacturing Capital of Canada and large manufacturing was a massive employer.  Times have changed dramatically and we have to change with them.  Small to medium sized businesses are the areas we have to focus on, with emphasis towards inner city redevelopment projects that include the Mom and Pop style businesses so they don’t get lost as we grow.  Here in Ward 14 we have real problems to investigate like our growing Retail Deserts and how to get those spaces filled, Addressing Rapid Transit past the 401 and the VMP to the developing industrial areas would allow people without cars a chance at a job.  We need to foster a positive environment for future Employer opportunities. More bike paths and protecting our Environmentally Sensitive Areas have to be considered in all the new developments.  In Ward 14 we have a delicate balance between Residence, Highways and Industry.  We also have more available industrial land on the 401 corridor than any other Ward so an aggressive strategy to develop these lands quickly must be created.

Not a Platform, the heart of what needs to be done by everyone on council, as we are one vote each, and 1/15 = 6.7% of the vote each on any issue.  For people to put forth platforms assuming everyone else will follow their lead is very presumptuous of them.

I will be working to increase the Opportunities for Employment in Ward 14, Looking at long term Debt Reduction, Enhancing our City Services and Responsibilities, Reducing Retail Sprawl, Helping Reclamation and infill Projects, and Helping Small Businesses Develop.

Like I have said all my life,

“Practical Ideas = Real Solutions”

Steve Hillier
21 Oregon Road
London, ON
Home telephone:  519-668-1604
Business phone:  519-636-1345
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Sean M. O’Connell…

Dear Ward 14 Residents,

I enjoyed attending the debate for Ward 14. It was an important moment for most of us candidates, especially me. It allowed us the chance to demonstrate who we are and what we stand for. The day after I had hoped to see some coverage of the debate in the news but became disappointed that once again our ward is overlooked. This is precisely why I spoke about inclusion. We are very much a part of the fabric that is London and we need to ensure our voices are heard.

I have lots of ideas and would like the opportunity to enact upon them as much as utilise the feedback I have received from residents. London has many challenges ahead but I am not a stranger to challenges. For me, this is the second time I have had to start over my life, once upon entering England, and now, when I moved back to my home town. I have many work and life experiences to draw upon, particularly in the realm of politics. I studied and received my Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Political Science and I have travelled extensively all over Europe. I wanted to see how people live in other parts of the world and experience it firsthand. I took the time to learn about their histories, political systems, and culture as much as I understand my own. It is what has broadened my horizons and shaped me into the person I am today.

I have searched for the opportunity to grow and demonstrate my abilities. This election has provided that opportunity and I have not wavered in my commitment to it. I thank every resident who has taken the time to listen and become engaged. I hope everyone will vote on October 27th. Your voice does count.

Sean M. O’Connell
66 Snowdon Crescent
London, ON
N6E 1G4
Home Telephone:  519-668-2585
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Allan Tipping…

Westminster Friends

I am sure my name may ring a bell for a few. (Hopefully good memories)

I was born on Wellingsboro Rd 1n 1965 and have lived my entire life in what is now ward 14. I have played in the Fish and Game ponds as well as the Westminster ponds, Played Man Hunt behind Nicholas Wilson P.S and cheered on the Laurier Rams athletic teams during my high school years. Being a long time resident, I have seen our great part of the city neglected by city hall. I hope to change that. I am a hard working person, who is passionate about all the challenges I take on.

I believe that we need to get the city working as a team to bring jobs here. One idea is to make development fees refundable. If we allow tax rebates over the 10 to 15 years following, we give the business a reason to stay and keep jobs here. Another is a Youth Council at city hall. (Mentored by all councillors) Unlike the one now, this council will sit as a council, have agendas, debate actual issues facing the city and present solutions to council. We need a strong understanding from our youth on how they would run the city. Thirdly, I would like to see children able to go to our parks on summer break, where qualified councillors are there with balls, bats and other games that are structured allowing all kids to play and enjoy the activates as we did when we were young.

Municipal elections are the ones that affect you the most, so please get out and vote and help me make a difference.

“Tipping the Scales in our Wards Favour”

Allan Tipping
2809 Dingman Drive
London, ON
N6N 1G3
Home telephone:  519-685-9364
Campaign Office:  519-636-3270


Sandy White…

It has been a privilege and honour to represent the people of Ward 14 as your councillor over the last four years. We have so much to be proud of and to celebrate in Southeast London: the people, the parks, the events and our neighbourhoods. Ward 14 is one of the most unique and diverse places in our city.

We have reached so many milestones over the last few years including: growth in the industrial park, protection of environmentally sensitive areas, culture and heritage and strengthening our many great neighborhoods.

I get so excited looking back at what we’ve accomplished in a such a short time: the jobs that were created; the new recreational facilities, improved services to seniors, community connections across the ward and exciting summer and winter events, improvements to our pathway connections and so much more.

It has been a very exciting four years serving the Southeast Community of London. We have accomplished a lot together and there is so much more that we can do to continue making Ward 14 the best to be in our City.

On The Move-

Industrial Park Economic Growth & Development

Old Vic Road Residential Development

Glen Cairn Seniors Satellite Centre

Glanworth Library Restoration & Heritage Designation

Glanworth Traffic Calming

Meadowlily Bridge Restoration and Heritage Designation

South East Summer Fest (Pond Mills)

South East Winter Fest (Glen Cairn)

South East Recreation Centre Approval

Southdale Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market

Summerside Spray Pad

Summerside Traffic Calming

Westminster Bike Lanes

Westminster Connections Project Approval

Westminster Skate Board Park Approval

Westminster Small Business Growth

Westminster Swimming Pool & Play Ground Restoration

Sandy White
737 Deveron Crescent
London, ON
N5X 4X9
Home telephone: 519-719-3223
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Jared Zaifman…

I am running now for the same reasons I ran four years ago when I lost by 116 votes. Londoners deserve a council with fresh perspectives, strong government and business experience, and the conviction to make decisions that are best for the city. As a young person myself (age 27) I believe our prosperity is linked to investing in youth and our community, and I will support and build on relationships with existing business, as well as create a friendlier environment for entrepreneurs and small businesses. To make sure we have the best city for ourselves and business, we must also make sure we are investing in our infrastructure now to avoid massive costs in repairs and slowdowns in the future. I want to help London shed its image of being a conservative town and help it become a city that is known for its jobs, talent, ideas and innovation.  I know that London can realize its potential as a great city for everyone to live.  For more information check out

Jared Zaifman
900 Adelaide Street S.
PO Box 37029
London, ON
N6E 3T3
Home telephone:  519-671-0410
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